Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes....

Ray Bradbury's dark story of Something Wicked This Way Comes. In short, its about terrifyingly evil carnival that comes into towns and claims the souls of people who are drawn into the seductions of evil...and two little boys saving the day. yay! Another conceptual design project....this one is my most favorite project Ive done so far....and ehese are some of my favorite 3 designs.
Mr. Dark is the ringleader of the carnival, the second, is the Dust Witch, eyes sewn blind, and treelike branches that extend to the sky to "feeel" out the souls and emotions of humans. And the third, one of the few carnival freaks, this one is the Skeleton. These were designed for a venue and style accomadating dance theatre, with the story being told through music and dance instead of a just spoken dialogue. With dancers, singers and musicians. Think Cirque way of storytelling. ;)

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