Monday, May 23, 2011

a couple more from the last series.

So again, these are photos taken by Matthew Jordan Smith. These shots are done in consecutive motion, to specific song that the photographer really likes. And I just close my eyes and move as the music moves me, and he just snaps*snaps*snaps away with the camera. He prefers the eyes closed on the models as it really does create a sense of intimacy in the photo, and it really helps me as the model just lose myself as well. The resulting photos are really beautiful, and have a feeling that really can't otherwise be captured in a pose-by-pose way of shooting photos.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been awhile.

It's been so long since I've last posted.

But it's because so much has happened since I've graduated CalArts. Or hasn't happened really.

I moved back to South Orange County, back to the bubble of platinum blonde, plastic house wives, the land of franchises, and cookie cutter homes and streets. From a community of artists that was so supporting and creative, ever evolving ever challenging, I moved back to a community that was everything but fact, it made me feel as though it was sucking any feeling of inspiration and creativity right out of me. I so easily lost sight of what I love, and the artistic energy that I thrived on.

But winds of change have blown favorably into my sails. I've decided to change scenery. And from California I'm moving to Florida and I'll be documenting that here as well.

I guess I'll be posting all sorts of things beyond my art work here now. I've been doing much more modeling, and some photography, dancing, among other things. I've been feeding my artistic soul with all forms of art and media and I want to start blogging about it again.

I've not many people to personally share this or much of my self with lately. So I'll share here, in hopes that maybe some soul would come upon it and enjoy it.

Here are a few pieces I've done with celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith this past month. Doing these side projects have been helping me feed back into the part of myself that I love so much and thrive off of. Makes me feel like some form of an artist again.