Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have been attending CalArts since Fall of 2008 as a BFA Costume Design student, and it's my first year there. It has been a world of firsts; I have been doing a lot of things I have never done, and have been continuing to experiment and develop skills and techniques I already have.

The following are a few pulled from a series of my first set of charactures. I've never attempted charactures really, as I was terrified of never having them turning out anywhere close to the models. These were also done in my first Life Drawing class ever. I had never taken any fine art classes ever in my life, and it has been what at first was a terrifying and intimidating as all hell of a class to a fantastic environment for me to exploring drawing in general as well as developing my own personal aesthetic.

18 x 24 China Marker & Pastel

And due to lack of photoshop at the moment these have been uploaded into my laptop ghetto style: with a camera. >.<

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